One bottle for Bali


    Reducing plastic bottle waste through stylish, reusable water bottles, available at hotels and connected to a network of refilling stations across Bali.

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  • About Bali Bottle

    We believe in the positive impact of tourism on local communities and environments.

    But there is no need for you to go thirsty in the process.

    By choosing one bottle for Bali, you choose to support clean beaches, reduced waste and less pollution.

  • How it Works


    Where to get a Bali Bottle


    The bottles will be waiting in your hotel room when you arrive. Our network of refill stations across Bali will hook you up with a direct source of clean, cold water.


    Save the planet and money at the same time


    The bottle saves you money. You may see an optional fee added to your hotel bill but by using a Bali Bottle there is no need for that daily outgoing on plastic bottles.


    The bottles are also free to keep as a stylish souvenir of where you have stayed.


    Refill easily and earn discounts as you go


    We know how tempting it is to pick up a bottle of water on the go. But with the Bali Bottle app you are instantly connected to a large network of refill stations.


    Plus, if you check-in as you top-up, then you can earn discounts on the food and products available!

  • The App

    Watch our demo and let the app speak for itself!

    Earn discounts as you drink and know where to go to rehydrate

  • Info for Hotels

    Get seen, get listed

    Maximize your exposure

    By becoming a partner your logo features on the bottle and we list you as a supplier on the app.

    If you become a refill station too, users can also check-in on the app and increase your visibility.

    Save money

    ...and the planet

    On average it costs 5,000 IDR to provide plastic bottles per guest, per stay. With the Bali Bottle you can save 15,000+ IDR per room, per week. Not to mention the savings on waste management as well.

    Go green before it's too late

    Don't get left behind

    Your peers are joining us and gaining exposure as progressive and socially conscious. Don't miss out on positioning yourself as a partner of the green movement.

  • Love what we are doing?

    Whether you are a hotel or wish to be a refill station you can sign up and we will call you right back!